checking accounts

Free Checking

• No minimum balance
• No per check charge

Now Checking

• $500.00 minimum balance. If falls below, a $5.00 fee is charged for the statement cycle.
• Tiered rated – Rates available upon request.

Money Market Deposit Account

• $2,500.00 minimum balance. If falls below, a $5.00 fee is charged for the statement cycle.
• No per check charge. Limit of 6 debits per calendar month.
• Tiered rates – Rates available upon request.


What is CheckProtect?

CheckProtect is Harland Clarke’s recommended delivery service that provides an economical delivery option which includes secure packaging and tracking capabilities. CheckProtect provides security enhance packaging that you can track from our facilities to your mailbox.

Why does it benefit me to use CheckProtect?

• Can provide an answer to the question, “Where are my checks?”
– Trackable while in transit
– Tamper evident packaging
• Provides extensive delivery coverage
– Available to all zip codes in the US including Alaska and Hawaii
– Deliverable to PO Boxes

How do I track the delivery?

You can track the delivery of your order by visiting this website and viewing “order status”. A link to the carrier’s website will be provided for your convenience. You may also call Customer Service at 1.800.858.3355

Are there other trackable delivery options available?

Yes. We currently offer Quik-Ship® 1-day (am) and (pm) and Quik-Ship® 2-day in addition to the more economical CheckProtect option.
Options for delivery services vary based on product, destination and financial institution.

Terms and conditions subject to change without notice.
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